We like to be on the go.

& by that, it means we constantly feel the need to be running around. Coffee dates, thrift store adventures, and grocery store runs are our typical free evenings. Since Halloween, it seems as if  it has been run, run, run and we have been easily swept into the ‘always in a hurry’ mindset.

Finally, last week, we realized it is time to slow down and appreciate the simple moments.  Today, we did just that and woke up in absolutely no hurry to go anywhere fast.

& since we had decided to stay in for the day and enjoy the company of one another, we decided to bake a cake.  The enjoyment of gathering ingredients and seeing a final product within a few hours brings much happiness. We are especially happy if said final product is delicious.

Inspired by this recipe, we decided to put our own seasonal spin and replace the blueberries with cranberries. Yummy! It is highly suggested that you do not get caught in the holiday madness and enjoy a slow, simple day much like we did. Just maybe, bake this cranberry, buttermilk, & rosemary brown butter cake as well. It is a good one!